Hollyween Starts October 1st!

     Update!! For this year's October art series, I’ve decided to do my own! After running a short poll in my Insta story, I decided to name this series “Hollyween” and use the hashtag #hollyween2021 for this year!

     I posted the prompt list that I’ll be following, and have invited anyone who would like to, to join and draw/paint along with me for this series. In addition, I have left it totally open to art mediums, instead of limiting to just ink or just sketching or drawing. 

     I will be using a variety of mediums in my own pieces, as I love mixing it up and achieving different looks in my artwork! For those who follow along, you can stick with a medium you know well, or even take the opportunity to try something new! If you’ve never painting with watercolors, TRY IT! If you’ve never used charcoal, TRY IT! If you’ve never sketched with ballpoint pen, TRY IT!! Have fun with it! Following prompts is a great way to draw or paint something you may NEVER choose to do on your own!! It’s a great challenge and a growth opportunity as an artist + creator.


     Creativity comes in MANY forms and seeing how different people approach their creative ideas and showcase how they see things differently is beautiful and part of the whole purpose of creating and sharing artwork!!


     As I’m finishing art pieces for this series, you’ll be able to find everything that is available for sale from the home page under “WHAT'S NEW IN #HOLLYWEEN?” 

     If you like this series, please give my artwork a share! If you want to follow along, please tag me and #hollyween2021 so I can see and share your lovely creations!! 

Here’s the first preview for Day 1: Candy Corn


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