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Cincinnati based artist inspired by dark themes, inspirational and dreamy concepts, and geeky/pop culture!

Holly Denham is a freelance & self-taught located near Cincinnati, Ohio. From an early age, she always loved art and that passion has only grown over time. She finds inspiration in just about everything, especially dark themes and concepts. Oh.. and dinosaurs 🦖 

Through the journey of experimenting with different artistic mediums and techniques, Holly found a love for watercolor paints, ink, and even acrylic paint. She uses a variety of materials on her artwork to achieve different styles.

Officially starting her art “business” in 2016, she has been expanding her style,taking on commissions, working on various solo projects to push her boundaries as an artist. She had her first official event to showcase her artwork in 2016, and didn’t do another until 2019, taking time in between to discover more about herself as a creator. 

Holly now continues to produce new work weekly, sometimes daily and enjoys continuing to keep creatingand diving even deeper into her passion. 

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I have always loved Halloween and have always had a creative interest in FX makeup and cosplay photoshoots. I started experimenting with simple makeup for a Halloween makeup challenge back in 2017 and slowly got better as I kept practicing!



I have always enjoyed creating in many different ways. Over time, I have found a love of crafting and "making" things.

It started with my sons first birthday and I wanted to do a fun theme and every year, I've done a new, fun theme!

I've also made and decorated parties for my nephew and for others and enjoy getting to create an experience for everyone, especially the kiddos.

My sister and I

Started a Creative Business

In 2020, my sister and I decided to finally start a creative business together. She's a professional photographer and a fellow creative as well!

Twilight Twenty Three

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