Here are some questions you may have about my artwork, prints, shipping, etc. and the answers! Have a question that isn't on this list?

Email me at: artbyhd@gmail.com


Q: Where do you get/make your prints?

A: Currently, I order all my prints through a local print shop!

     All prints come signed by the artist (me!) 

     Printed on quality heavy cardstock paper


Q: Do you sign all your artwork/prints?

A: Yes! All original artwork is always signed, and, unless otherwise requested not to, I always hand-sign my prints before I ship them out.


Q: How are originals shipped?

A: All original artwork is signed by the artist (me!) 

Sealed in a bag with backing and comes with a free random print! Canvas paintings are wrapped for added protection.


Q: Do you charge for shipping?

A: All orders placed within the U.S. automatically get free standard shipping through USPS. U.S. customers have the choice for other shipping methods, at cost. International orders are charged exactly what it costs me to ship.


Q: Do you accept refunds?

A: All sales through my site are final. However, if you have any issues with your order, I always do my BEST to resolve anything that may come up. Feel free to message or email me if you have any questions or concerns about your order!


Q: Where are you based?

A: I am based out of the Cincinnati, OH area of the U.S. 


Q: How long have you been doing this? 

A: I have been doing artwork all of my life in some way or another. I decided back in 2016 that I wanted to jump in and really make something of my artwork and I had a clear goal of what I wanted to achieve and I've been dedicated to making that my reality ever since!


Q: Do you have a team or do you run your business yourself?

A: I am a one-woman operation. I am directly part of every step of the process. I care very deeply about the things I'm passionate about, and I am dedicated to growing my business and making my dream of being a professional, independent artist fulfilled!