Halloween Makeup

This is something I've always been curious about and had an interest in. I used to watch special effects makeup shows and videos when I was younger with my dad and have always loved the creativity behind it. I'm also a big fan of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy movies which are filled with it!

I started experimenting with some ideas using some very cheap leftover makeup I already had in my backup supply that I never used otherwise and found that I could do some neat things with them. Slowly, I started to do some extra research and piece together a little bit of a supply.

I started with my first version back in 2017 on my Instagram, which was honestly pretty simple and mostly experimentation. 


After how much I enjoyed playing around with just basic makeup in 2017, I wanted to do it even better the next year in 2018! I started to try using liquid latex and other creative materials to make the looks I wanted to do that year.



Since 2018, I've slowed down a bit on makeup art, as my focus has been on my physical art much more than it used to be, but I still do looks for myself and for some of my friends who have done creative shoots. 


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